dynamic copywriter, editor and communicator — has own pen!

It began when I was very young and it hasn’t stopped. It got me in trouble as a kid. Now I get paid for it. Life is hilarious.

I tell stories. In many contexts, for many reasons. Officially? I’m a copywriter and editor with seven years’ experience.

Short & Sweet
To chat with me about freelance work or a permanent position with your company, feel free to email me. If we seem like a good fit, I’ll send you samples and my résumé. I live in Austin but I’m no stranger to remote work. So many options!

What I Write
For my employers and clients I write marketing assets that draw the eye and drive conversions/sales. Are you writer hunting? The best among us are an elusive prey, but worth your time. Here’s a list of things I do as a copywriter, editor and content collaborator:

  • Multi-channel—Hit ’em where they live, work and play
  • B2B & B2C—Client pleaser, team player, compliment sandwich chef
  • Brand awareness—Differentiate, evolve, enforce
  • Business sites—Too many industries to name, but especially tech
  • Banner copy—On websites or giant, 30-foot event signs
  • Education—Keep teams & clients up to speed on best practices
  • Blogs—eCommerce, tech, college, fashion (honestly, everything)
  • Press releases—Sounds like a CrossFit workout routine
  • Case studies—Turn positive data points into compelling stories
  • Events—Brochures, landing pages and registration forms
  • Social media—Funny, smart writers = better social attention ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • SEO—Analytics, optimizing content via CMS, metadata, you name it
  • White papers—I’ve edited the highly technical and written to accompany the richly visual
  • Packaging—Promotional gifts for potential clients
  • Video/radio scripts—Terrestrial & satellite radio ads; demo scripts
  • Instructional guides—Brand and style guides, training material
  • Fiction, screenplays, essays, articles—a novel on the way, short films, arts & culture zines, and long-form humor pieces

My career happiness isn’t dependent upon a specific environment. I’ve worked in agile pods, untangled dilemmas with an entire department in one big room, and turned in outstanding work under tight deadlines from my home office, with no oversight at all…aside from Gary and Summer (my beloved chihuahua/terrier/squirrel mutts).

***This site is where I direct people who want to hire me as a copywriter, editor or all-around content impresario. Interested in my personal creative stuff? Email me. If you prefer to talk, send me your number. We might be the last two people left who actually enjoy the improvisational nature of live conversation.***

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This is me. Hello!